Makers of small batch French-style ice cream.

Fond memories of summers past, cool rewards, late night transgressions, the perfect mate to all desserts and the ideal end to every meal. Ice cream is more than food, it is excitement and comfort wrapped up in a cold treat.
At Weckerly’s we make super-premium ice cream with local and organic ingredients. Our ice cream is made with an egg custard base. That’s why it is “French-style” and we believe that the custard creates a smooth and creamy texture that is without parallel. Our chef and founder has been making ice cream this way for over ten years. Still, with each batch her excitement grows. Excitement about new flavors, fresh harvests, and the opportunity to share Weckerly’s Ice Cream with an eager audience.

We love making ice cream. It is a great outlet for creative expression, a vehicle for vibrant flavors, and a source of joy for happy eaters of frozen treats.

Jennifer Satinsky – owner, chef

The brains and brawn behind the Weckerly’s name is pastry chef, Jennifer Satinsky. Experienced in all aspects of fine dining desserts, Jennifer found ice cream to be the perfect medium for her creative expression. After cooking and creating wonderful desserts in Philadelphia restaurants for over twelve years, Jennifer decided it was time to bring her specialty to a wider audience. In May Jen walked away from a clamoring restaurant kitchen to focus on delivering her unique ice cream to happy hands and hungry mouths.

As a veteran of the White Dog Cafe Jen knows the importance of using fresh ingredients and working closely with local farmers. She brings the same values to the ice cream at Weckerly’s. Wherever possible the ingredients in the ice cream are local and from fair trade sources. Organic cream, seasonal fruits, and cocoa and vanilla beans that are grown with compassion form the basis of an exceptional ice cream.

Jennifer and her husband Andy established the Weckerly’s brand in February of 2012.

Andrew Satinsky – owner, ice cream salesman

In the Spring of 2005 Andrew met a lovely young pastry chef and his life began to change for the better. Flash forward to 2012 – now married to the pastry chef, he has a clear mission to serve Weckerly’s Ice Cream to the people of Philadelphia!

When not mastering the skills of the ice cream man, Andrew works full time as a bicycle shop service manager. An affinity for cycling has led to many concepts for the ice cream business. Some good, some impossible. A pedal powered ice cream maker was quickly shot down by Jen (better her than the Health Department) and the blue prints were scrapped. A convertible ice cream cart and bicycle trailer is in the works.